Anderton’s Music Co. launch video series promoting the benefits of music making


The hugely popular YouTube channel Andertons TV run by Andertons Music Co. have been talking about the positive impact that playing an instrument can have on young people.

They’ve featured videos including: ‘Why getting your kids to play the guitar is so cool’, ‘Why getting your kids to sing in a band is so cool’, and ‘Why getting your kids to play drums or bass guitar is so cool’,

Throughout the series, Captain Anderton questions young musicians about the experiences they’ve had learning how to play, and what made them want to pick up an instrument. One video features a young band called ‘Upon Opinion’ and you can really see the joy that they get from performing.

Exploring the human element of our industry is really important – from work to school, mental health research to developmental studies, music has proven to have a profound impact on people. It’s exemplary to see such an influential and widespread channel not just discuss the latest gear, but the real reason why we do what we do.

On Lee’s ‘Captain Anderton’ Facebook page, he wrote:

“Watching the kids in the Upon Opinion band we featured in 4 videos over the weekend makes me so happy that I’m involved in an industry that can have such a positive impact on people’s lives. Reading the positive & encouraging comments also makes me realise what wonderfully supportive people most musicians are”

Take a look at the videos by clicking the links above, it certainly brightened up my day!