Plastic fantastic business partnership renewed


A West Midlands international exporter of award-winning plastic musical instruments has renewed and extended its partnership with another world leader (in antimicrobial technology) from the same region.

Tamworth-based Warwick Music Group , the company behind the revolutionary pBone, pTrumpet and the newly-launched pBuzz, has extended its partnership with Coventry-based BioCote Ltd for a further three years.

BioCote’s silver ion additives, which are introduced to the plastic during manufacturing, provide protection to musicians against harmful microbes, such as bacteria, mould and viruses.

The partnership to date has already seen WMG launch the world’s first all-plastic (and antimicrobial) trumpet – pTrumpet – in September 2014, while the mouthpiece of pBone, the biggest-selling trombone worldwide is now BioCote protected too. The company’s latest addition, the highly acclaimed pBuzz – an entirely new pre-brass musical instrument aimed at children aged 3+ and launched in 2016 – also incorporates BioCote technology.

Matt Pope, Operations director for WMG, said that incorporating antimicrobial technology in the instruments had proved particularly popular with music teachers and schools. “Antimicrobial technology gives players the greatest level of protection – which is vital in schools, bands and other education settings. It is cost effective and really adds value. Being BioCote protected provides players with the highest level of protection and properly protects multiple users.

“We’ve now included BioCote technology in pTrumpet as well as pBone and pBuzz plastic mouthpieces. pBuzz has proved enormously popular with primary schools worldwide in particular – and undoubtedly antimicrobial technology provides reassurance to parents and teachers alike.

“BioCote protection is not something we are required to do – it is something we have chosen to do – because it epitomises our approach of providing the best possible playing experience to our customers. We’re now looking forward to the next three years partnership. Our aim over the next few years is to encourage more people and especially children into picking up a brass instrument and enjoying playing music. This partnership with a local company will help us to achieve those objectives,” he said.

Guy Charteris, Partner Development Manager for BioCote Ltd, adds: “This is a really innovative and interesting application of our technology and WMG is just the sort of quality-driven partner we like to work with long term for the greater good. Whilst very different, our respective products are all about enhancing people’s quality of life and product experience.

“Not only will the inclusion of BioCote Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology enhance the playing experience, by means of superior hygiene levels it also dramatically reduces the potential for the transmission of microbes between users – especially young children in schools and youth groups.”

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