The MIA’s new Stolen Instrument feature


Following feedback from our members, we have decided to create a permanent ‘Stolen Instrument Alert’ fixture on our website.

Many of our music retailers contact us in the unfortunate event of a break in, or recommend that members of the public get in touch with us if their instrument goes missing. We’re able to distribute the details to all of our MIA retailers who keep an eye out.

Rather than sending out ad-hoc emails each time we’re alerted of an incident, we’ve created a webpage that you can access through clicking on the ‘Stolen Instruments’ box on our website. This means that if you come across an instrument and you are suspicious of its origins, you’ll be able to look back through all the reports we’ve had. If you have anything you’d like to feature on the page, please email


However, we will continue to distribute immediate emails to our members as soon as we are alerted of any urgent scam or fraud. We have received a number of grateful messages in relation to this valuable service, here’s one that stands out:

“Thanks you so much for sending out these emails. Just had a similar phone call- the customer couldn’t get off the phone quick enough as soon as I said I wouldn’t post the instruments due to a recent fraud attempt. I think that just saved me my membership fee…! “ – Dean Pelling Woodwind and Brass.

As usual, any comments or suggestions you have are gratefully received at