Warwick Music Group – a team of musicians set to inspire British innovators


The revolutionary instruments from Warwick Music Group, the team that developed the first ever plastic trombone – which has become the world’s bestselling – are being showcased as an example of British innovation at INNOVATE 2017 (NEC, Birmingham, November 8-9 2017).

Staffordshire-based Warwick Music Group, the developers of pBone, pTrumpet and most recently pBuzz – a pre-brass, low-cost instrument designed to encourage children to play music – is being highlighted to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The company was recently selected as one of the 50 most innovative businesses in the Midlands – and will be one of just 100 exhibitors at INNOVATE 2017showcasing ‘game-changing’ innovations.

It is the first time Warwick Music Group has been selected as an example of great British innovation at the event which is now in its ninth year and last year attracted 2,500 innovators.

“We are hoping our instruments will inspire others – and that the innovators attending this show will further inspire us,” said Steven Greenall, the Group’s CEO.

“We are a team of dedicated musicians who have worked hard to develop what has become a world-wide success story.”

Warwick Music Group has won several awards for its products including the highly prestigious Horner’s Award for Plastics Innovation and Design, jointly run by The Worshipful Company of Horner’s and The British Plastics Confederation and Gold in the Primary Teacher Awards which celebrate products that stimulate a child’s development.

The company has been credited with overcoming challenges such as the engineering difficulties of producing brass instruments in plastic to deliver the same exceptional quality of sound. The fully-plastic valve system in pTrumpet also presented challenges that have never previously been encountered.


pBone: www.pbone.co.uk

pTrumpet: www.ptrumpet.com

pBuzz: www.pbuzz.co.uk