An easy way for you to support the exemption for musical instruments in the Ivory Ban!


The Government consultation into banning the sale of Ivory is underway and closes on December 29th

The MIA has submitted a response on behalf of the industry and wants to give you a quick and easy way to support the proposals to exempt musical instruments from the Ban.

If you simply email to this address:

And include some words along the following lines:

“I am a member of the Music Industries Association and I endorse the consultation response submitted by my trade body, the Music Industries Association, to the Ivory Consultation.

The reason for this correspondence is to support the Government’s proposal to exempt musical instruments, as detailed in the recent consultation by DEFRA.

My business (and the many musicians we serve) is reliant on being able to repair, maintain and sell old and vintage instruments that will contain small amounts of ivory.

I totally support the plans to protect the elephant. The instruments that I either own personally or repair and maintain through my business, containing small amounts of ivory, are decades old and do not in any way contribute to the illegal ivory trade.

Musical instruments used small amounts of ivory back in the days when alternate materials were not readily available and any manufacturing by our industry using ivory ceased nearly 40 years ago.

I totally endorse the Government’s proposal to create an exemption for musical instruments in order to keep these treasured instruments in use for the benefit of musicians, the general public, the music industry and also to protect the UK’s cultural heritage”.

Many thanks in advance if you can find a few minutes to help us win this campaign to keep musical instruments out of the Ban!

Paul Mc