How to Promote Your Music Online – a useful guide


We came across this guide published by and thought it could be useful for some of your contacts…..

“Being an artist in the 21st century means that self-promotion is always at our fingertips — thanks to the many opportunities to market your music on the Internet. No matter which genre of music you create, there are endless online communities looking to discover new artists and hear new songs. But simply uploading your songs to a website isn’t going to garner the fan base that you need to be heard by scores of people. Instead, musicians need to utilise the Internet to promote music in a way that draws fans while simultaneously establishing a professional image or brand.

If you are an artist looking to successfully promote your music online, there are many avenues of promotion available that can begin to grow your fan base, including:

  • Start a Music Blog
  • Be Social Media Savvy
  • Share Your Tunes with Other Music Bloggers
  • Upload Videos to YouTube
  • Send Direct E-mails
  • Create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

By adopting any number of these strategies, you will slowly establish your brand and give fans the opportunity to get to know you on a more intimate level as they discover your music. For more ideas, see this guide to online music promotion to learn how to spread the word about your songs, gigs, and image”.