Your dedicated music recording and production show


Open Day Planned for RPM at the Hilton Canary Wharf London

The formal launch of the new Recording & Production Music Show will take place during two Open Days on the 16th/17th January 2018

All stakeholders are welcome

Whatever the status of business this is the show devoted to every aspect of the fast-growing recording and production industry; turbo-charged by the ever-advancing technology which has lowered equipment costs, equipment bulk and overcome the dark arts of music recording and production.

Exhibiting the very best in recording products from microphones, monitors, outboard, DAWs, synths and everything in between, this show will not miss a trick, it will deliver everything needed for a public facing event where both quality of attendance and overall quantity will dominate.

Show attendees will also meet, hear and participate with the experts as they are taken through every stage of the process. Organised by the ‘Chester Group’ who have and do specialise in High End Audio Shows worldwide, this show will benefit from their knowledge of such events and also trade overlap.

The Venue is contracted, rooms and stands are already being sold, and the Organisers continue to communicate and liaise with key players including SOS, the MIA, MPG etc. . .  so that the show model is exactly right.

We look forward to welcoming you to the future of the recording industry!

Please contact Justin Bird on 01244 559033 or for more information re the Open Day.