The MIA’s Star of the Week initiative


As the trade body for an industry full of wonderful people, we know how many outstanding individuals put in work day-to-day that really makes a difference.

So, as employee engagement is key to a company’s success, we’d like to introduce a feature in our newsletter that allows MI to recognise and celebrate the people that we’re proud of.

We’ve decided to start Friday’s off with some inspiration. Whether someone in your team has hit their monthly sales goal, shown exceptional leadership qualities, crossed a milestone or simply been consistently reliable… Let us know, and we’ll feature them as our main story in MIAnews on Friday mornings.

It shouldn’t only be left to managers to praise good work, so anyone can enter a nomination, and any job role will be recognised. Why not shout about your fantastic team to the whole industry?

Celebrate your people! Show that you appreciate the efforts they put in each day for the success of your business.

Email with an image of the person that you’re nominating, and up to 200 words about what they’ve done.