Ross Barnes – Star of the Week


As the trade body for an industry full of wonderful people, we know how many outstanding individuals put in work day-to-day that really makes a difference. That’s why we’ve decided to start Friday’s off with some inspiration and help the industry recognise people that we’re proud of.

So, meet Ross!

Ross Barnes is in charge of making the world-famous mouthpieces at the Denis Wick factory in Poole. He is remarkable because he joined the company doing the job of a polisher. This is one of the dirtier jobs in the factory. From a relatively junior position, Ross has been promoted over the years, developing new skills along the way. He has learned to programme the huge CNC machines which are used in mouthpiece production and has also learned all the computer skills necessary to use the CMM machine for measuring and developing mouthpieces.

He joined Denis Wick around eight years ago and has become one of its key members of staff. He is now working with top musicians to develop new lines and says “It’s so refreshing to see the passion the musicians have that visit. A true privilege to meet people who truly care about the product we make.”

Ross enjoys listening to a wide range of music, and current favourites include Roy Orbison and Fleetwood Mac. He also enjoys listening to the great brass players who visit the factory!

Stephen Wick, CEO of Denis Wick, said “We are incredibly proud of what Ross has achieved. He has worked very hard at the mouthpiece production, ensuring that the quality of our mouthpieces is consistently of the highest order. He has also thrown himself into designing mouthpieces, and we have exciting plans for many new models. It is great that Ross has been able to develop his talents and abilities. He has made a huge difference to our company!”

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