10-year musical instrument crime spree


Many of you will be aware of the recent internet and media coverage of a couple who some of you might recognise… This has truly gone viral!

Sadly, Peach Guitars in Colchester had an £11k PRS Private Stock guitar stolen earlier this month. The images and video of the couple and the theft were not unknown to us at the MIA and we asked all members to update us with any information they had.

Members have responded with loads of details and we are working with Hampshire Police to get them to co-ordinate with all the other forces that have received information about the couple in order that we can finally end this dreadful blight on our shops!

A story about the couple in question and the MIA’s involvement was featured in The Telegraph. As the article rightly puts it:

“As thefts go, the woman caught on CCTV tucking an £11,000 rare guitar inside her fur coat before nonchalantly walking out of a music shop could not have been more brazen. Even as she and her accomplice left Peach Guitars in Colchester they turned to the staff to smile and wave goodbye.”

Read the whole story here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/17/couple-engage-musical-instrument-stealing-spree-walk-shop-11000/

If any of you have any further information, please contact paulmc@mia.org.uk

Here’s Peach Guitars image: