The BBC visit Rotosound HQ!


We’ve had a few extra visitors round here recently at Rotosound HQ…

From press to TV cameras, it seems that turning 60 is something that attracts attention.

The local paper featured Rotosound in a double page spread that celebrated our success as a family business that has remained in Kent for sixty years, while mentioning the musical heritage of the local area.

We’re really proud to have been steadfast in keeping our manufacturing British, contributing to the growth of the local economy and the drive to keep Britain manufacturing. It’s an honour to be credited for playing a small part in the British rock n roll scene.

BBC South East also ran a nice little piece about us, showcasing some of the music legends who have used Rotosound over the years.

There’s also a peek behind the scenes at our manufacturing process, giving you a look at the factory where your favourite strings are made. Enjoy!