The TELMI project – ViolinRT technology


Learning the Violin is challenging and sometimes even stressful and frustrating for both beginners and expert learners. In order to facilitate and enhance the learning process, The TELMI project ( is developing the next-generation of technologies that embrace both traditional methods of violin instruction and modern cognitive research on efficient and effective skill development.

One such technology is ViolinRT, a learning assistant that helps violin learners improve their performance and acquire skills more efficiently. ViolinRT uses innovative detection technologies that analyze the movement and sound of the performing artist in real time. It processes and analyzes audio to give feedback on pitch and intonation, dynamics, tone quality, and rhythm. It also monitors specific aspects of bowing technique including bow tilt, speed, weight, contact point, inclination, and direction, when attached to a motion-tracking device. The feedback is displayed in customized widgets, allowing for real-time experimentation and overall performance evaluation. These visualisations can be paired with custom exercises that allow the learner to isolate and refine specific factors of their skills.

The ViolinRT technology is now in the final stage of validation, and the TELMI consortium is looking to collaborate with industrial partners, in particular violin manufacturers, who see this technology as aligned with their innovation roadmap, and wish to evaluate how it integrates with their products. If you would like to know more about ViolinRT, please contact us at