Casio launches new CT-X Keyboards with Grammy award winner, Cory Henry, at Musikmesse


  • Innovative new keyboards with AiX technology revealed at Musikmesse
  • Unforgettable performance from Cory Henry to a jam-packed crowd

Casio, one of the world’s most renowned producers of musical instruments, launched its new range of CT-X keyboards with jazz, funk artist and Grammy Award winner, Cory Henry – at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Featuring AiX (Acoustic Intelligent multi-eXpression) technology, the remarkable keyboards reproduces excellent accuracy of the sound of acoustic instruments, and generates powerful sounds via its new audio system.

Pulling out all the stops for this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt 11th-14th April 2018, Casio revealed an exclusive performance by Cory Henry to an excited jam-packed crowd, gathered around the Casio stand – to kick off the show on 11th April. Cory played a memorable set on the CT-X5000 hitting a high note with onlookers.

Having played and toured with some of today’s most esteemed global artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, The Roots, through to P. Diddy and Yolanda Adams – Cory’s musical prowess perfectly compliments Casio’s new first-class CT-X keyboards.

Cory Henry commented on the new Casio CT-X keyboards, saying: “You really get great sonic sounds that make you feel as if you are at a professional level.

The special event was to debut Casio’s new advanced range of CT-X keyboards with three models being the CT-X5000 (RRP £499.99), the CT-X700 (RRP £279.99) and the CT-X3000 (£379.99). The keyboards feature the new AiX Sound Source, leveraging Casio’s expertise in developing precise sound from their digital pianos and applying these to the advanced CT-X range. The keyboards provide high-quality tones ranging from powerful and stirring bass tones to crisp high frequencies. They reproduce the natural sound of acoustic instruments including a resonance that corresponds to the strength of each piano keystroke, a sensational live drum sound, and soaring strings.

They also provide 100 high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects that combine various algorithms to produce diverse sound effects, enabling richly expressive playing to suit the user. With large-magnet bass reflex speakers and a 15W+15W high-output amplifier (maximum output, CT-X5000 model – the CT-X300 gets just 6W + 6W), the keyboards are suited to either home or venue use and the speakers are embellished with red highlights, giving the keyboards a stylish and iconic look.

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