The case for coffee in music shops (again!)


We recently ran an article on the success of a retailer offering beverages to his customers (click here for the story).

This was all against the huge growth in “coffee culture” in the UK and the extraordinary numbers of coffee outlets.

We have some new figures that may give you fresh food (or drink!) for thought…

  • In 2012, there were 15000 coffee shops in the UK
  • There are now 24000
  • 3 are opening up a day
  • The number of coffee shops in the UK will overtake the number of pubs by 2030
  • The coffee business is now worth £9.6billion
  • Costa, Nero and Starbucks are 19% of the total sales

Clearly the British public has more than welcomed the trend and we see more and more of our shops using beverages to increase customer dwell time and ultimately, sales.

Worth another look in your shop?