Darren Power: My thoughts on Superbooth18 Berlin


MIA Director Darren Power, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Source Distribution, has written us a great thought piece on the recent Superbooth exhibition that he attended in Berlin. He is pleased to report that it is going from strength to strength, and is a real success story for the industry.

So I’ll hand you over to Darren, our man in Berlin!

Superbooth18 Berlin, 3rd – 5th May:

“I was in attendance for the third time, specifically the FEZ centre, and happy to be at the very successful Superbooth Exhibition. Superbooth specializes in Electronic Music and has rapidly established itself as the World’s leading exhibition for instrument makers, artists and enthusiasts alike in the ever growing genre that is Electronic Music.

Tucking into my lunchtime kebab on the Friday (Vegan! First time for everything) a few thoughts and realities began to surface, other than ‘wow how do they get this stuff to taste like meat, amazing’ … I realised that the walkways, workshops and booths continued to be, encouragingly, very busy – despite an additional hall being added this year for those exhibitors who could not get in last year. Positivity was forth coming from industry colleagues when we discussed how things were going at the show. Appointments in my personal diary had increased for the event over last year, every member of the relevant UK press were there to cover Superbooth and you get the idea…

Significantly I was in the thick of a very successful event that is going from strength to strength. Experiencing the rarity that is an International exhibition on the up that is courting and catering (literally) for a growing market was a delight.

Leaving Berlin and the Superbooth for the third time, yet again the underlying buzz was one of potential, Superbooth19 beckons with interest and opportunities.”


Year on year key statistics courtesy of Mr. Schneider (event founder):

Attendees 2018: 6000 plus           Exhibitors: 230

Attendess 2017: 5000                    Exhibitors: 170