Floyd Rose Audio collection takes sound quality to new levels


Floyd Rose, the fabled name behind the locking guitar tremolo unit, is branching out, bringing their pioneering spirit and restless innovation to the world of pro-audio.

Floyd Rose’s entry into the consumer market is spearheaded by the release of a range of headphones, serving the high demands of musicians, DJs, studio dwellers and audiophiles alike.

Combining luxury styling, streamlined aesthetics and unrivalled sound quality, Floyd Rose headphones are lightweight, modern, extremely comfortable and capable of producing crystalline audio character.

FR52 3D Sound collection (£149 rrp)
The latest collection of Floyd Rose’s Patented 3D Sound Technology wired headphones, the FR52 was designed and engineered in Europe and the USA with a team including Floyd Rose himself, resulting in a first-of-its-kind luxury headphone.

Available in a traditional cup headphone or a Pro Series 3D Earbud model, each headphone cup has two speaker drivers, dual moving coils and frequency divider board; this technology enhances the human ear, giving the listener three-dimensional sound that has a broader range than standard headphones, with improved clarity in the top end, richer mids and more complex, deeper lows.

The speakers adapt to the music played, offering superior 3D sound never heard before in the music industry. Including a durable fabric cable, lightweight design, metal construction and soft forming earpads, the FR52 represents the pinnacle of the Floyd Rose Audio Collection range.

Pro Series Luxury Wood Headphones (£129 rrp)
The FR18M are hand-crafted and deliver world-class sound combined with state-of-the-art high fidelity technology. Luxury design marries unparalleled sound quality to deliver a lightweight headphone that is a pleasure to wear, and which produces true, balanced highs and rich lows for superior audiophile sound.

A 50mm driver diameter and 20-20KHz frequency range supplies a beautifully warm and articulate recreation of sound, while an anti-tangle, detachable fabric cable with built-in microphone and volume control provides equal parts practicality and functionality.

Just like your fingerprint, every pair of FR18M headphones is hand-crafted, with each piano finish ear cup being unique. Every pair is packaged in a piano wood grain storage box, custom-moulded to your headphones to provide maximum protection and presentation.

FR36 Bluetooth Headphones (£129 rrp)
Floyd Rose FR36 Bluetooth Headphones deliver world-class sound quality with state-of-the-art, high fidelity technology. Flawless sound clarity and comfort combine for an amazing sound experience in personal audio.

Using APTX CSR Audio Technology, the FR36 Bluetooth Wireless/Wired cans boast 14 hours of continuous music on a full charge, meaning the listener is not tethered to their playback device. A 40mm driver diameter and full 20Hz-20KHz frequency response delivers a warm and accurate representation of sound.

A 1.5 metre aux cable is included in case you would rather be wired-in, while cushioned cups and the custom-designed headband offers superior comfort by contouring around the shape of the listener’s ear, delivering isolation from outside noises without adding bulk.

FR360 Bluetooth Earbuds (£79.99 rrp)
Floyd Rose FR360 Pro Series Wireless Sport Earbuds with In-Line Microphone are hand-crafted to deliver world-class sound.

Low profile design of the FR360’s luxury cushioned earbuds provides superior noise isolation, while contemporary high-fidelity technology produces a flawless sound quality. Sweat-proof and water-resistant, and featuring an anti-tangle cable with built-in microphone and volume control, the FR360 provides up to 6 hours of continual, top quality sound and comfort for those who like to listen on the move. Available in Black and White.

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