Fusion sponsor ‘Community Build Project’ Holy Grail Guitar Show Berlin


Over the weekend of 5th and 6th May 2018, 135 of the world’s finest luthiers from no fewer than 35 countries, from all over Europe and as far away as Argentina, USA, Russia and Japan, gathered at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin for the fourth Holy Grail Guitar Show, the biggest International custom guitar show on the planet.

Fusion were indeed proud sponsors of such a unique event hosted by the EGB (European Guitar Builders Association), which is dedicated totally to custom-built acoustic, electric and bass guitars. It’s more of a celebration of the hand-built guitar itself, like an art exhibition with an extension to music. The skills of the luthiers are quite extraordinary.

Among new themes for this year was the ‘Community Build Project’, a task started by the EBG in 2017 which aimed to highlight how women are under-represented in the world of guitar playing. For the ‘Community Build Project,’ three professional female players were asked to design a guitar to their own personal specifications, and then work together with over 30 of the finest luthiers within three groups. Each group was assigned to build an acoustic for Jacky Bastek, a bass for Julia Hofer and an electric guitar for Elena Todorova.

During the build process, each guitar journeyed through various workshops throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, Austria, Portugal and Finland where specific luthiers were chosen for their specialities and skills.

The UK’s Rosie Heydenrych of Turnstone Guitar Company for example, honed her skills within Bastek’s acoustic, Austria’s Andreas Neubauer worked on Hofer’s bass, while Todorova’s solid bodied electric had the magic touch of Juha Ruokangas from Finland.

Safely cocooned within their Fusion gig bags, the three finished guitars were presented at the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 to the delighted artists who gave solo performances, also playing as a trio whilst showcasing the craftsmanship and playability of the three guitars built by some of the world’s finest luthiers, they sounded pretty good as well.

For more information and video on the Holy Grail Guitar Show: www.holygrailguitarshow.com/    

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