Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 round-up


You may be aware that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. Every year, thousands of supporters across the country take part in Mental Health Awareness Week. There is lots going on that applies to our industry too…

This year, the 14-20 May will be centred around the theme of stress. This theme is obviously very applicable to the workplace, and it may be a good time for you to reflect on how your workplace supports its people.

There are also industry specific initiatives, following Help Musicians UK’s detailed surveys of mental health in the music industry in 2014, which lead to the eye-opening discovery that 60% of musicians have struggled with their mental health, compared with 25% of people overall.

We’ve put together a round-up of information that we hope will be useful:

Mental Health Charity Mind are focusing on helping employees and employers create a mentally healthy workplace where everyone feels valued and supported. They have a range of information, guidance and support available on how you can achieve this here

The MIA’s Business Helpline partner, Croner, have written a useful guide to managing stress in the workplace. It’s estimated that work-related stress, depression and anxiety accounts for more than 12.5 million working days being lost. Croner offer an Employee Assistance Programme service aimed at helping employers support their employees. Read the guide here

Storytelling Music Brand Noisey have put together ‘The Noisey Guide To Music And Mental Health’ – a series of articles that cover issues from social media and mental health, to how music can help sufferers understand their issues. The editorial collection offers practical solutions, and pushes the conversation forward.

Help Musicians UK have an all year round support service, with a Health and Welfare team who are there to help musicians and connect them with the right organisations and people. They also commissioned the largest known academic study into musicians’ mental health – which you can read here

So, address your stress and use this week to reflect on how we can support those around us.