More than 100 leading artists condemn the EBacc


Here is an important update from the campaign fighting the English Baccalaureate that the MIA continues to support…

More than 100 of the UK’s leading artists, including Tracey Emin, Rachel Whiteread, Anish Kapoor and Anthony Gormley, have signed a letter that condemns the exclusion of arts subjects from the EBacc, warning it will seriously damage the futures of many young people.

The letter, published by the Guardian, says there is compelling evidence that the study of creative subjects is in decline in state schools and that entries to arts subjects have fallen to their lowest level in a decade.

Read the letter here: British artists: Ebacc will damage creativity and self-expression

There is no doubt that the EBacc is having a harmful impact on creative subjects in schools, and closing down opportunities for all but the most privileged.

We need your help to convince the Government to reverse this damaging policy. Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join our campaign to save creativity in schools. The more people we have signed up to the campaign the stronger our voice will be!