The two Robs… End of an era!


Some thoughts from Paul Mc, MIA

We have just seen the retirement of Rob Wilson, MBE, and Rob Castle. They are both known throughout the industry for their many years at the helm of Sound Technology and KORG UK. Many of you will also know that they have both spent a lifetime in MI, going all the way back to the heady days of Rose Morris in the 60’s!

We will all have our favourite stories about each of them and they are both legends in their own right, and rightly deserved. Both leave their respective organisations in excellent hands for the future and surely the two of them deserve all of our very best wishes for a happy and long retirement from the industry (assuming they actually do that!!)?

I simply wanted to say a few words about what these two have contributed to our wonderful industry outside of their “day jobs”………

  • Both served for many, many years as Directors of the MIA, giving up their time and resources to support the trade body for our industry
  • Both were Presidents of the MIA for many years
  • The wonderful Music for Youth charity was founded and nurtured on their watch at the MIA
  • The British Music Fair in its’ many incarnations owes a huge debt to Rob Wilson
  • Our own industry charity, Music for All came about with their support
  • Both have been hugely supportive and active in the fight to keep music in the school curriculum
  • Rob Castle ran a wonderful (and selfless) scheme in schools for many years giving children the chance to learn instruments in a band format
  • Both continue to support a number of charities, including Music for All

So, from all of us in MI, gentlemen, enjoy life!