Funky Junk organises Grand Piano donation to the Arts & Media school Islington 


The Hornsey Road based pro-audio company Funky Junk Ltd have organised a donation of a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano to the Arts & Media School Islington.

FUNKY JUNK DIRECTOR MARK THOMPSON STATES:  “Our charity scheme has helped out a number of worthwhile causes and continues to do so.

“We donated some keyboards and backline to the Arts & Media School Islington. During the process, the college technician mentioned that the school was in desperate need of a grand piano for their magnificent new theatre; they have a number of exceptionally gifted piano students.

“After examining various options, I remembered that our friend and client, Steve Baker, had a beautiful Yamaha C7 Grand in storage following his move from a relatively large house to a smaller flat. Steve – a gifted pianist and composer – was (and is) sentimentally attached to the instrument, and although unable to accommodate it at present didn’t want to part with it. He generously agreed to lend it to the college in exchange for my paying removal, tuning and repair and insurance costs.

“The piano was delivered to its new home two months ago and was put to almost immediate use in the college spring concert, attended by Steve amongst others. Steve’s Yamaha has proved an invaluable addition to the concert hall, providing a professional quality instrument to inspire and assist the talented staff and gifted students.”

FUSSI ANDERSON (AV TECHNICIAN AT AMSI) SAID: We are extremely grateful to Funky Junk for supplying Arts & Media School with this beautiful Yamaha C7 grand piano. Our piano students love the sound it creates and the feel of playing it and we are looking forward to the next concert at the end of the year to hear it again in action.”

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