Save East Sussex Music Service!


Our news back in April informed you that a new round of Council cuts had proposed £180,000 to be taken from East Sussex Music Service resulting in the closure of all non-statutory music provision in the district (see the original story here)

We are sorry to have to bring you a very sad development. Despite the petition that was set up to fight the proposals, the Consultation into the proposed £180,000 cuts to the music service opened last week.

The consultation runs for 8 weeks, from 6th June to 27th July.

East Sussex Music have set up a facebook group, for people opposed to the closure to share their stories and help to campaign to keep this valued service alive.

To take part in the consultation, you can visit, email, or call 01273 335250.

The hashtags for Twitter are #SaveESMS and #saveourservicenow

You can also sign the petition and ask councillors, MPs and anyone of influence to support this campaign (you will find a template letter for you to personalise in the files of the facebook group)

Any MI businesses in the area, please let the MIA and East Sussex Music know of any support that you can offer.

At the moment over 3,000 children and young people are learning a musical instrument through small group or individual lessons at East Sussex Music Service.

The cuts would result in a shocking reduction in the opportunities for music-making and learning across the County, especially for children.

We’ll leave you with this powerful video which showcases the fantastic range of music making opportunities East Sussex Music creates:


Visit for full details