Fender Summer NAMM news round-up


Here is a round-up of the exciting Fender launches that debuted at Summer NAMM this year:

Fender continue their Artistic Expression focus with new California Serious Acoustics and Ukuleles

California Series welcomes new 12-String, Bass and Left-Handed models, plus fresh colours added to California Coast Series Ukuleles.

With these expanded offerings, Fender aims to continue to be the go-to resource for players as they take the next step in their musical journey.

Joining the ranks of the California Series are four new models to empower guitarists, bassists and left-handed players to further showcase their musical artistry: the Villager™ 12-String Guitar, Kingman™ Bass Guitar, left-handed Newporter™ and left-handed Redondo™ Player guitars. Following suit, the California Coast Series Ukuleles has expanded to offer three new colours to the Venice and Zuma models, specifically as a celebration of Fender’s Southern California roots.

“The California Series is a representation of the core foundation of Fender acoustics that equips players with the tools they need to explore their musical inspiration and creativity. It keeps us at the forefront of that artistic evolution, so we always provide acoustic players with unique designs that fit their personal styles,” said Billy Martinez, VP Category Manager of Acoustics and Squier Divisions.

“Also, with ukes in more demand than ever, we have expanded the colour offerings for our popular California Coast Ukulele series as we gear up for the upcoming release of the Grace VanderWaal Signature in September 2018.”

The  new  acoustic  models  and  California  Coast  Series  Ukuleles  in  new  colours  will  be  available  starting  late  Summer/early  Autumn  2018  at  local  dealers  and  on  www.Fender.com

Fender continue to build commitment to their well-received effects pedals line

Joining Fender’s line-up of Original Circuits Designed by In-House Experts is the Engager Boost, The Pelt Fuzz, and Full Moon Distortion effects pedals.

Priced from £87.00 to £135.00, the new pedals provide a diverse set of effects designed for players at every stage of their musical journey-from pro players to guitarists looking for their first stomp box.

Designed in Southern California, these new Fender pedals were engineered with insight from professional gigging and studio musicians, artists and some of the industry’s best minds. At the helm is in-house expert Stan Cotey, who spent 25 years in professional audio and 12 years engineering tone and designing many of Fender’s digital and tube guitar amplifiers. Cotey brings a unique perspective from working directly with artists, such as Eric Clapton, The Edge and Joe Bonamassa-all legendary guitar tone aficionados in their own right.

“After our first official step into the pedals space in February, we were eager to unlock even more possibilities for today’s players and creators looking to expand their tonal palette,” said Stan Cotey, VP of Product Innovation at Fender. “It’s the unique feature sets and combinations that make this second wave of effects pedals stand out: The Full Moon Distortion is our first-ever high gain effects pedal designed to create a broad range of modern, aggressive tones that today’s hard rock and metal guitarists crave; the Pelt Fuzz pedal provides added tonal flexibility with both vintage- and modern-style effects; while The Engager Boost gives players sonic transparency, colourful tone-shaping capabilities and aggressive gain to cut through any mix.”

These effects pedals are engineered for the artists who are looking for stage-ready features and signature Fender aesthetics, including sleek and modern exteriors crafted from lightweight, durable anodised aluminum. The enclosures are engineered for heavy-duty use, while LED-backlit knobs and LED Fender amp jewels show control settings at a glance, perfect for every environment. For ease of use, each pedal features an exclusive, patent-applied-for, magnetically-latched 9V battery door, making it quick and easy to change batteries, as well as streamlined labeling.

Fender’s new effect pedals are available beginning September 5, 2018 at local dealers and on www.Fender.com

Fender expands Pro Audio offering with new professional In-Ear Monitors and a new Monterey Tweed Bluetooth Speaker

The new professional In-Ear Monitor Series push sonic limits, redefine how music should sound and   promise to bring Fender’s unrivalled quality and understanding of tone to players and music lovers like never before.

Like Fender’s storied obsession designing musical instruments and amplifiers, the ultimate tools of sonic expression, Fender IEMs draw from more than 70-years of knowledge about sound and musical instruments. Designed and hand assembled in Fender’ audio design lab in Nashville, Tenn., these IEMs are created to deliver what musicians require to perform at their best. The Pro IEM Series features innovative driver and housing designs that deliver the most precise, authentic, lifelike and full frequency range. Designed to withstand the rigors and demands of live performance, the Pro IEM’s Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT) housing is 3D-printed in Nashville and features interchangeable tips for a near-custom fit.

Beyond exceptional build quality, the real magic stems from insights gathered from professional musicians, engineers and producers that led Fender to break with the accepted standards in the IEM market. The current belief is better sound performance is the result of inserting as many Balanced Armatures (BA) drivers as possible into an IEM. Fender forged a new path in developing a hybrid driver technology that utilises low-frequency enhancing dynamic drivers to work in tandem with the standard higher-frequency enhancing BA’s, thus opening up the entire frequency spectrum for artists, so they can hear and feel the music with precision. Together, dynamic driver depth and balanced armature accuracy bring every note back to professional musicians, so they can deliver their best performance.

“As an authority in sound and tone, we’re creating a platform to serve today’s sound engineers, performers and audiophiles – some of the world’s most critical users of In-Ear Monitors,” said Justin Norvell, SVP Fender Products. “Designed and assembled in the Nashville, the designs in this new Pro IEM line feature unique innovative hybrid technology marrying dynamic drivers and balanced armatures – with our most advance model, the THIRTEEN-6, offering a 13.6mm driver and six balanced armatures. The unique hybrid technology offers an articulate full-frequency and high-fidelity sound you can feel – which makes all the difference in the moment on stage.”

These Pro-IEMS will be available in stores August 2018 and on www.Fender.com