Major Sporting Events in the Workplace


The MIA’s Business Support Helpline partner, Croner, have put together a useful Major Sporting Events Policy. This will help you to put agreements in place regarding issues such as time off, sickness absence and even watching the events live.

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Here’s the policy:

A) Introduction

We recognise that the occurrence of major sporting events may have an impact in the workplace in many ways and so this policy sets out our stance on managing employees during those sporting events which include the football World Cup, the Olympics etc.

Every effort will be made to ensure that this policy is applied fairly across the whole workforce and any requests made under this policy will be considered in line with business needs.

We reserve the right to amend this policy, or remove any of the benefits provided, save where legally required, at any time.

B) Holiday Requests

Employees who wish to use their holiday entitlement during the event should submit a holiday request form under the normal holiday procedure. You must complete and have the form signed by your line manager before you make any firm holiday arrangements.

Holiday dates will normally be allocated on a “first come–first served” basis to ensure operational efficiency and appropriate staffing levels are maintained during the event.

C) Unauthorised Absence

Where a holiday request has been refused and an employee is subsequently absent on that day, we will carry out an investigation to confirm the reason for absence and that the reason provided is genuine. This investigation may require employees to provide evidence for their absence, including medical evidence of their sickness.

Where there is a reasonable belief that the reason given for absence is not genuine, disciplinary action will be taken under the normal Disciplinary Procedure. Disciplinary action could result in a formal disciplinary sanction up to, and including, summary dismissal.

D) Changing Working Hours

Employees who wish to amend their working hours during the period of the sporting event should make a request to their line manager outlining the required change and the dates they wish this change to take effect for. Flexibility which will be considered includes changing working hours to allow employees to start and finish earlier/later, changing break periods to allow these to be taken at different times and permitting a period of working from home.

Where the request is approved, the line manager will expressly outline the agreed flexibility and confirm the dates this flexibility will start and end. This period of flexible working is not intended to make a permanent variation to the employee’s terms and conditions of employment, unless agreed otherwise.

E) Following the Event at Work

Subject to line manager approval and the demands of the business, employees may be granted permission to watch the sporting event at work. To ensure fair and reasonable participation, employees should make a request to their line manager where they wish to watch a particular event. Permission may be granted subject to a maximum period of time or,

where appropriate, flexibility may be discussed to permit the employee to watch the event using their normal rest or break periods.

Additionally, each department will allocate one employee to update the score board located on the departmental notice board.

No decoration of the workplace in support of any sporting event participant whether team or individual is permitted.

F) Internet Usage

No employee other than those granted special permission is permitted to access any online coverage of the event using works equipment or internet access. The normal rules outlined in the E-mail and Internet Policy and the use of personal mobile phones during working hours will continue to be enforced during the sporting event and monitoring may take place under this policy to ensure compliance.

G) Alcohol and Drugs

Employees must ensure that they are not intoxicated by alcohol and are free of any drugs when they report for work and that they must remain so whenever they are at work. Employees must not drink alcohol during time spent on work premises for the purpose of watching or following the sporting event, whether during or outside of their normal working hours. Employees must be aware of their consumption and take into account how long it takes for alcohol or drugs to clear their system before attending for work.

Employees must not drink any alcohol or take drugs prior to driving for business (including at lunchtimes).

Employees may be required to undergo testing for alcohol or drugs in their system in certain defined circumstances as outlined in the normal Alcohol and Drugs Policy.

H) Harassment and Bullying

The Company operates a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment or bullying. No individual is to be subjected to harassment or bullying for any reason connected to the sporting event. Complaints of bullying or harassment will be investigated thoroughly and anyone found to have engaged in such behaviour will be subject to the disciplinary procedure. Disciplinary action could result in a formal disciplinary sanction up to, and including, summary dismissal.

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