Can you hear this?


The MIA organises musicians hearing protection for just £2, helping members protect their customers, business and staff AND raise money for Charity!

There aren’t many things more fundamental to the music industry and the musicians we support than hearing.

So, it’s surprising that the UK remains somewhat passive at acknowledging, preserving and protecting the role of hearing in music.

Hearing care and advice is coming under increased scrutiny. Here are 2 examples of recent events and increased regulation is raising the awareness of ear care and hearing protection in Music:

  • The Royal Opera House was recently fined £250k related to hearing damage to a musician in their care (read our story here)
  • Recent legislation has put Hearing Protection equipment in the highest risk category (along with radiation, asbestos and knife wounds)

As the Trade Body for musical instruments (some of which can be loud!), the MIA has a responsibility to promote hearing health in music. The MIA have therefore partnered with Hearology, a company that loves music and loves ears.

We have teamed up to bring you information and support, plus hearing protection at a special price.

Providing information and protection is one part of a mitigation strategy for any responsible establishment involved with music (festivals, venues, rehearsal rooms, music teaching venues, music shops etc.)

The MIA has prepared the following guidance (with Hearology) to give members some basic information and support

  1. There is specific legislation covering Noise at Work. From a legal perspective “Noise” includes loud music and the legislation covers Musicians or other workers in the music and entertainment industry who experience loud music or noise.
  • In general, the law requires people working in loud environments to:
  • Use hearing protection and receive appropriate training
  • Have regular hearing tests
  1. Standard health and safety legislation also ensures employers have a duty of care to employees, workers, visitors and other people they have responsibility for.
  • This means that staff, students, contractors, temporary workers and independent operators require consideration and protection with respect to exposure to noise.
  1. The starting point should be to consider who may be exposed to noise and include noise in risk assessments. This will inform actions that need taking – e.g. hearing protection, information and training.

Hearing Protection Special Offer for MIA Members

Are you missing a commercial trick by not offering hearing protection to your customers? Here’s our special offer for the industry:

Because so many people in the music community are exposed to loud music, Hearology has created a special cost-effective noise protection solution for musicians and a great offer for MIA members.

Decent musician’s hearing protection contains a filter. Filters ensure a flatter response and attenuation across all frequencies compared to solid plugs, so that music still sounds like music. The Hearology Hear & Now plug is a filtered foam earplug for musicians, which means music still sounds great wearing them and they present excellent value for money.

Please note that these products are a SIGNIFICANT step up from the typical “yellow foam” plugs that simply block the sound!

Buy the Hear & Now filtered foam musicians hearing protection for the special price of £2 each (60% off the normal price of £5!)

  • 10% goes to either Music for All (our industry charity) or Youth Music charities to fundraise and support the great work they do
  • Order individually for you/your staff/your customers
  • Order in boxes of 25/50 with free dispenser so that retailers, suppliers and educators can offer hearing protection to the right people at a very modest price.

Order from the Hearology store here, enter the number of plugs and enter musicforall18 or youthmusic18 at checkout. Prices include VAT. P&P is £1 each or £3.65 for boxes of 25 or 50, £6.95 for anything over 50.

About Hearology

Hearology created a new type of hearing care provider, where they put as much focus into preventing hearing damage as treating it, with a particular focus on music – something we all love.

Packed with hearing experts and music specialists, they now care for 700 musicians, music lovers and clients every month from our clinics in London’s Borough Market, Victoria and around the South East.

They also have a mobile clinic that takes them to festivals and further afield.

Visit for further information on hearing health services, to order products for hearing protection, or to find out how Hearology could support you.