Fender Play: a what, why and how for retailers


The MIA’s Alice is currently using the Fender Play programme to learn the guitar. Here she shares some thoughts with you and a step-by-step guide showing retailers how to offer this product to their customers…

To give you some background, I am a real music lover, but have never formally learned to play an instrument. However, I have always been involved in the arts growing up, whether it was singing in chamber choirs, performing as a backing dancer in a competition at the indigO2, or playing the lead in a local amateur production.

Despite the fact that I am still very much a beginner, I can already feel that playing an instrument offers an entirely different kind of satisfaction to my previous creative experiences.

Every time my fingers are able to stretch a little further, or I recognise TAB, or successfully remember a chord pattern, it feels like a significant step forward!

For those that don’t know, Fender Play is an innovative video-based learning platform designed to change the way beginner players learn guitar. It offers hundreds of easy-to-follow, instructor-guided video lessons, giving users a song-driven, personalised learning path enabling even first-time musicians to master chords and riffs in minutes.

Here’s a video from Fender which explains all:

For me, it was as easy as downloading an app to my iPhone; I now have access to a large glossary of helpful terms, chords and videos.

I love that each video tutorial is someone different – gender, ethnicity, style (from punk to classical). It’s much more relatable and keeps it interesting.

You choose the type of guitar, songs and genre you want to learn. I like this, as playing music in the style that you enjoy is much more engaging and inspiring.

Skills are taught in less than 2 minutes and it takes only 22 minutes to a beginner’s first recognisable riff. Within a few visits to the app I was already playing famous riff’s from Bob Marley and U2 songs!

I have got a basic, cheap guitar to learn on but I’m already looking forward to upgrading. And where am I going to do this? In one of your music shops of course…

So, now you know why you should offer this wonderful product to your customers, here’s how you can get started

3 Simple Steps for retailers:

  1. Become a retail partner:

If you are interested in becoming a Fender Play retail partner, please contact Jamie Spencer Smith:

Email: jspencersmith@fender.com

Mob: +44 (0) 7867 151085

Office: +44 (0) 1342 332439

Jamie will can guide you through all aspects of Fender Play and will answer any questions you may have.

  1. Start selling:

What am I selling?

  • Pre-paid subscription.

3 and 12-month subscription cards


  • Digital subscriptions.

Sell digital 12-month Fender Play subscription codes, directly downloaded from your website.

  • Become a Fender Play Affiliate.

As an approved Fender Play affiliate, you will earn commission for every visitor you refer to Fender Play that signs up for a Fender Play paid subscription.

You will have access to text links and banners that you can place on your website, email, blog or social media campaign that will direct visitors to Fender Play.

Each affiliate link will contain a unique Affiliate ID specific to you. Every time a customer signs- up for Fender Play after clicking on your affiliate link, you will receive commission


How do I sell it?

  • In-Store: Integrate Fender Play into conversation with customers. Offer it as a standalone product, or as an attachment to a product
  • Bundles: Associate the sale of Fender Play with individual instruments or in pre-bundled gift packs.
  • On-line: Set up a Fender Play product page selling both Subscription cards and digital codes. Use your affiliate banners on your home page and across your website.
  • Associate Fender Play with that sale of stringed instruments or related products.
  • Add Fender Play at checkout/abandoned carts as an additional up-sell!
  • Out-bound: Targeted emails or social media campaigns, using your affiliate banners.
  • Use your unique affiliate link on trial cards that can be handed out instore and placed in outbound on-line purchases.


  1. Make Money!
  • By following up: contact play purchasers to encourage them to return to your store for tune-ups and new gear.
  • By selling all the aspects of Fender Play, whether it be driving commission via your affiliate links, Retail subscription cards or digital subscriptions. Fender Play is here to increase the amount of people playing guitar which means more customers to your store!