New Bassics pedals hit the streets


First shown as prototypes earlier this year, Bassics have now released production units of their innovative pedals to dealers.

These four pedals join the range that first began with the acclaimed BPA-01 floor pre-amp and are all designed by the world-renowned studio engineer, Malcolm Toft.

The four new pedals all retail at £199. The Cruncher distortion pedal can be switched to ‘hard’ or ‘soft’, with the hard setting adding extra harmonics, and could become a favourite with guitar players as well as bass users. The Squeezer compressor pedal is a studio quality VCA with a sound much like the revered dbx160, and there is also the Tone Ranger EQ pedal and the Omni Pre preamp/bass switcher.

A growing list of top bass players are already using Bassics products including Pino Paladino (John Meyer, The Who, Eric Clapton etc.) Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Chris Childs, (Thunder), Phil Soussan (Ossie Osbourne) and Tony Visconti, (David Bowie’s producer).

Check them out here: