How a school in Bradford is beating the odds with music


BBC News have featured an uplifting, inspiring story and video about a primary school in a deprived part of Bradford that has gone from failing to a success story. The transformation, it says, is all down to a decision to rebuild its curriculum around music.

BBC News tells the story of the children and their development, and highlights how Jimmy Rotheram, Feversham Primary’s music coordinator’s methods help to unlock the children’s musical potential. 

World Hacks: School success

This school became a national leader by focusing on a neglected subject.(via BBC World Hacks)

Posted by BBC Newsnight on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Headmaster Idrees believes music is the key to his school’s success and wants others to take notice.

There is pressure on schools to avoid putting resources into music and arts, he explains, in case it negatively affects exam results in core subjects.

“What I can say to headteachers is that music and arts are the bedrock of educational success. Your results will go up, not down.”

For Rotheram, it doesn’t seem to be school test scores that motivate him. It’s the smaller, more personal victories that take place in his music room. Like when a struggling child, such as Adyan, finds the strength through music to complete the alphabet, bringing tears of joy to his mother.”

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