Lobbying for Music Education in Westminster


The MIA was delighted to be invited to Government HQ to join the Performers’ Alliance All-Party Parliamentary Group. This important gathering of all the key bodies and establishments involved with musicians, meets with MP’s all of party persuasions.

The subject to be discussed was “The Future of Music Education” and it was to be chaired by Thangam Debboniare MP (herself a musician). Also present were Tracy Brabin MP, Shadow Minister for Education, Baroness Jane Bonham Carter, Lord Tim Clement-Jones (who brought the Live Music Bill to fruition) and Hannah Fouracre (Director of Music Education for Arts Council England).

The meeting was naturally concerned with the erosion of music in schools and the falling Music GCSE numbers (as well as the other creative subjects).

In particular, learning a musical instrument must not become the domain of those that can afford it!

We saw passionate speeches from our partners at the MU, BIMM, UK Music, the Brit School and many music education representatives.

The MIA supported the case for a new Plan for Music Education (to hopefully also include Early Years and 19-25 year olds).

In addition, the MIA pressed the case that any new format of children learning music in schools had to be representative of the instruments and learning methods that are most likely to appeal to the younger generation!

Plus……Music Technology in both learning about technology music-making products as well as new technologies with which to learn are of critical importance to the future creation of young music-makers. The MIA and Dr Phil Harding of JAMES and the Music Producers Guild both talked at length about this!

 Picture shows Tracy Brabin MP, Stuart Worden, The Brit School and Paul Mc, MIA