New electronic wind instrument: The Sylphyo


Laurent Pouillard is a clarinet player with a passion for synthesizers. He dreamt of playing a synth like a wind instrument, but nothing existed that could fully satisfy his needs.

One day he met Ludovic, Romain, and Jonathan. As they brought their knowledge of engineering, design, and music together, they founded Aodyo Instruments and gave birth to the Sylphyo, the first MIDI wind controller to provide the feeling of an acoustic instrument.

Thanks to the latest technologies and careful research, the Sylphyo transcends the expressiveness of existing MIDI controllers while bringing traditional playing techniques to the electronic world.

The Aodyo team designs and builds novel musical instruments in France. It is composed of passionate people dedicated to give music a new breath with instruments that combine tradition and innovation, respond to the requirements of each, and enable them to share the pleasure of music across cultures.

We are now selling the second version of it.

The first version was more a midi controller.

Now the new Sylphyo can work as a standalone Wind Electronic Instrument.

About the Link:

Our new wireless receiver device, the Link, is now a bit larger, but it allows you to do more than ever:

  • wirelessly play synths and virtual instruments, like before,
  • play the internal sounds on an amp, a hi-fi system, or a mixer in the control room, while you move freely on stage with your Sylphyo,
  • use the line input to play over backing tracks,
  • or even play the internal sounds using another controller or keyboard (MIDI or USB).

You can find more details here:

And better than words, please see these short videos, which illustrate the possibilities of it.


For further details, please contact Matthias Couche of Aodyo Instruments via email atĀ or callĀ +33 769 159 199