Reminder: major research into the state of Music Education in the UK


In partnership with the Musicians’ Union, we have launched a MAJOR research project to benchmark the TRUE state of music education in the Country.

This reserach will seek to build on the findings of the MU’s 2017 Education Report, which highlighted challenges relating to access to music education, workforce fragmentation and contradictory government policy. The research will revisit these themes and generate new data by surveying the views of teachers, parents, headteachers and other stakeholders.

The primary tool of the research will be four surveys, which will be aimed at:

  1. Teachers with a responsibility for music who work in schools;
  2. Instrumental music teachers who work in music services, hubs or as independent teachers;
  3. Managers of music services, music education hubs or other organisations that deliver music education to young people; and
  4. Headteachers of primary, secondary or special schools.

All four surveys can be found here:

We encourage all members and non-members to complete as many of the surveys as are relevant.

The information collected will form the basis of a report and future advocacy, but the details of all individuals or organisations that complete the surveys will be kept private.