Take it Away continues to support Bricks and Mortar shops


As many of you will know, Take it away provides interest-free loans to individuals for the purchase of musical instruments, equipment, and software. The MIA have supported this brilliant scheme since its inception 10 years ago.

Individuals can buy an instrument using the loan scheme at one of the 130 music shops across England and Northern Ireland that offer Take it Away. If a local store doesn’t offer Take it away, the public are encouraged to let the team know and they will get in contact with the shop, so that the store doesn’t miss out on potential new customers.

The scheme has already helped 93,000 families to be able to buy their musical instruments and generated over £60million of instruments sales for our industry.

The aims of the scheme are to increase access to buying musical instruments and equipment, whilst also supporting specialist music shops to remain an essential part of the UK high-street.

An excellent special financial incentive has just been created to encourage shops to take a fresh look at the scheme and to see if it could work for them – find out more on that here

To give you an example of how this scheme supports Bricks and Mortar shops, here is a story that they recently published called ‘Music shops can help your child excel’. It gives six reasons to buy a musical instrument in a local shop.

“It’s tempting to take advantage of the thousands of cheap offers available at online retailers. In contrast, buying from a music shop has advantages that can give your child a better chance at mastering their instrument.

Here we outline six key benefits of visiting your local music shop.”

Read the full story here: https://www.takeitaway.org.uk/music-shops-can-help-your-child-excel