Frederick Hyde Ltd appointed as distributors for Studio 49’s world famous Orff Schulwerk percussion


Frederick Hyde Ltd is delighted to announce that they have been appointed as exclusive authorized distributors in Great Britain for Studio 49’s world famous Orff Schulwerk percussion.

As the name might suggest, these instruments’ uncomplicated design and the teaching philosophy that inspired them were developed by the composer Carl Orff in the first half of the 20th century. Music education was a lifelong passion of his, but the revolutionary child centric approach that he devised only started to gain notoriety after the second world war. In order to meet the rising demand for his instruments, Orff joined forces with a young mechanical engineer and keen musician, Studio 49’s founder, Klaus Becker-Ehmck. His son Bernd is now in charge of the company which operates from a large factory in the outskirts of Munich.

With an ever-growing list of schools and educational institutions on their books, Frederick Hyde are the perfect match for Studio 49, especially after their recent acquisition of the Percussion Plus brand.

General Manager Tom Groves says “I’m really excited to have been given the responsibility for this prestigious brand which we hope will prove popular with our music education customers.”

All retail and trade enquiries should be directed to our sales team on 0845 120 4524 or at