Icon Pro Audio launches Next Generation QCon Pro G2 and QCon EX G2 DAW Controllers


Icon Pro Audio has announced the release of their next generation USB-MIDI control surfaces – the Icon QCon Pro G2 DAW Controller and the Icon QCon EX G2 Fader Expander.

Both controllers feature support for all of the most popular DAWs on both Mac and PC, and can be used either standalone, or as part of a larger Icon setup with multiple controllers.

Icon QCon Pro G2 DAW Controller 

The Icon QCon Pro G2 is the update to the popular Icon QCon Pro, Icon’s cost-effective, cross-platform control surface. With the majority of modern studios depending on a mouse and keyboard for software control, Icon’s range of DAW controllers bring hands-on control to ‘in-the-box’ recording and mixing, combining the enhanced workflow of physical knobs and faders with the flexibility of modern recording software.

Housed in a slick all-black finish, the new Icon QCon Pro G2 features updated faders and encoders, along with an improved jog wheel. Each of the 8 touch-sensitive, motorised channel faders (plus 1 master fader) is 100 mm in length and features 10-Bit resolution, allowing for small and accurate adjustments during recording and mixing. As a result, many of the most common tasks become simpler and more intuitive, allowing the user to set multiple gains and levels, quickly mute and solo instruments or fader groups, change plugin parameters such as EQ boosts and cuts, or automate effects sends on the fly.

Additional DAW Support

The QCon Pro G2 continues to support a long list of software including Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One, Reaper, Ableton Live and Reason. But with the addition of overlays and support for FL Studio, Digital Performer, Studio One, Adobe Audition and a User Define Mode, the Icon Qcon Pro G2 has become the most versatile and price conscious DAW controller on the market.

Setup has also been simplified, with four different modes to choose from upon start up. Depending on the DAW, pre-sets operate via the Mackie Control Protocol, Mackie HUI (for Pro Tools) or the dedicated Logic mode (for Logic Pro). What’s more, the QCon Pro G2 also features a User Define Mode, which allows users to create and save their own customised MIDI-maps.

Icon QCon EX G2 Fader Expander

If you need more than 8+1 faders, then there is no need to wait because Icon Pro Audio have also released the QCon EX G2 fader expander.

The QCon EX G2 can be used either standalone or to provide an additional bank of 8 motorised faders for your QCon Pro G2. Up to three QCon EX G2’s can be added to the QCon Pro G2, giving you the ability to run up to 32-channels of touch-sensitive, motorised faders for comprehensive and creative control of your DAW.

Other features of the QCon EX G2 are illuminated buttons for mute, solo, record arm and channel select, a dual-function rotary encoder on every channel, and a 12-segment LED level metering bridge.

Both the Icon QCon Pro G2 and Icon QCon EX G2 are available and are shipping now.

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