Petition: ensure that free musical instrument tuition is available to all schoolchildren


The MIA strongly believes in the importance of children retaining curriculum-based music as part of the school day. We often bring you stories of schools and organisations that are beating the odds with music, but we also report on the decline in the hours of music teaching in schools. We’ve recently been involved with lobbying for music education in Westminster.

Children deserve music – learning a musical instrument must not become the domain of those that can afford it!

In Scotland, an amateur trombonist from a brass band recently got very cross about local authorities cutting back free musical instrument tuition in schools. So he started a petition which secured a debate in the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee.

Ralph Riddiough, a lawyer by day, presented the case for giving every child the opportunity, free of charge, to learn an instrument in school for as long as they want.

He was joined by co-presenters Making Music’s manager in Scotland, Alison Reeves and professional trumpeter Mick Cooke (of Belle and Sebastian fame).

Ralph has now started a similar petition to the UK government. His case is that, unless it’s free, not every child will be able to learn an instrument if they want to.

Here is the petition – it has already gained a resounding 15,683 signatures. The deadline is 5 January 2019. Please sign to help ensure that free musical instrument tuition is available to all schoolchildren.