Yanagisawa Saxophones launch new WO Series Baritone and Curved Soprano instruments in the UK


Yanagisawa Saxophones UK are delighted to announce the launch of new WO Baritone and Curved Soprano saxophones in the UK.

Designed as upgraded replacements to the popular 90 Series Baritone range and previous Curved Soprano instruments, the new WO ‘Professional’ and ‘Elite’ saxophones offer a host of new features that vastly improve tone and increase playability.

New WO Series Baritone instruments comprise of ‘Professional’ and ‘Elite’ models suitable for both student and accomplished players – available in brass lacquered, bronze lacquered, brass silverplated and solid silver options. Improved compound materials, adjusted tone hole sizing and positioning and an added neck pipe plate all guarantee a cleaner tone, improved note intonation and ensure the new instruments are easier to play. The angle of the right pinky finger keys has been modified and the low A thumb key redesigned for smoother fingering while a repositioned strap ring allows for a more comfortable playing position. A wider right hand key guard exclusive to Baritone models, a redesigned bow brace and additional feet under the Bb and C levers complete the design improvements.

New WO Series Curved Soprano models are made up of ‘Elite’ models available in brass lacquered, brass unlacquered, bronze lacquered, brass silverplated and solid silver options. They also benefit from improved compound materials and adjusted tone hole sizing and positioning for improved note intonation. Modified right pinky finger key angles and left palm key angles ensure smoother fingering. Additional improvements come in the form of an adopted German silver rod to strengthen the G key, a redesigned G# key cup for adjustable pitch and a new body and bow detaching system.

Design changes also extend to WO Series cases with a new backpack style Baritone case that features an added exterior accessory compartment and wheels for easier transportation. An exterior accessory pocket and shoulder strap have been added to the new stylish Curved Soprano cases.

New Yanagisawa Baritone and Curved Soprano saxophones retail from £4109 and are available to order now through exclusive UK distributors Barnes & Mullins.

The full Yanagisawa Saxophones UK product range can be viewed at www.yanagisawasaxophones.co.uk