A petition to the Welsh Government to keep music alive!


We attach below the details of an important petition urging the Welsh Government to urgently create a plan for the future of music education. This is set against a background of a huge decline in music provision.

You DO NOT have to be resident in Wales to sign, please give this your support!

Some comments::

  • We must ensure that affordable musical instrument and vocal tuition is available as a right for all children in Wales.
  • The Music Services in Wales are integral to the development of Music Education as part of the creative curriculum across all domains.
  • The contribution made by the Music Industry and Music Services to the economy and the well-being of the people of Wales is too important to ignore.
  • Young people in Wales studying music at A-level has halved in 10 years while GCSE entries have fallen by 40%.
  • Austerity is not an excuse for the Welsh Government to allow the decline of Music Services. Austerity should be the reason to invest in the equality of access for all and the sustainability of our communities.Please sign this petition to support the campaign to stop the decline of Music Education in Wales!