Anthrax’s Scott Ian Showcases the G6131-MY Malcolm Young Signature Jet™


“There is just an instant rush anytime I hear AC/DC,” said Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian in this video chat and demo of the all-new Gretsch G6131-MY Malcolm Young Signature Jet™. “It’s like mainlined into my brain. As soon as I hear him playing chords I just get excited, still, after all these years. If I put on ‘Let There Be Rock,’ I feel the same now as I did 40 years ago. It moves me in exactly the same way.”

As a young teen, Ian actually learned how to play rhythm guitar by listening and playing along to Malcolm, who he considers the greatest rhythm guitarist of all-time.  And given the chance to plug in his hero’s new signature model to a vintage Marshall amp and let loose, he was all in.

“It sounds great, it feels great,” said Ian. “First off, when I walked in the room, it looked great and you know it is going to sound good when acoustically it sounds so good. And then we fired it up …

“Look, I don’t get to play big open chords in my band. My band is all about down picking and palm muting, fast alternating —  a completely different style of rhythm playing. So, when I get to hit really big chords and dig in, it is so much fun for me because it is the opposite of what I do. But, it is what I grew up learning how to do. And it’s what I still love, going back to that. Anytime I can just pick up a guitar that sounds so good and feels so good, and then play chords that sound perfect, I could do it all day. It makes me happy. I could literally sit for an hour and play that A chord over and over again and not get bored.”

After some lengthy playing-indulgence, we asked Ian to describe the sound he was getting out of the signature Pro Jet.

“There’s like this splash when Malcolm hits a big old chord and lets it ring out,” described Ian. “He digs into the chord and that sounds comes at you. It’s like a giant wave coming at you, and then it crashes. And then another one, and then another one. And this has that feeling. When you dig into that chord, you feel the amp react. You can like, literally feel the tubes. You feel it. You feel that swell of volume, and then it pulls back. And then you hit another one. It makes you really feel like a part of it. It’s that swell, that wave, that splash of his tone, and this sounds exactly like that.”

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