BBC Music Introducing Live –  success!


A report from Paul Mc

Last year I attended the inaugural launch of a new public show aimed at young musicians. This took place at Excel in Docklands and had circa 10,000 attendees, a very promising start for a brand new event. The bulk of the attendees were 18 – 25 year olds looking for some sort of career as a musician or in the music industry (or both). One year on, I went to Tobacco Docks in London to see how the newly-formatted “BBC Music Introducing Live” show had picked up the baton from the Excel event:

  • First things first, there were circa 15,000 attendees!
  • The venue boasted a huge number of break-out rooms for either exhibitors or lectures and workshops (much better than “open plan” Excel)
  • There were a vast number of lectures and workshops
  • The number of brands exhibiting from in and around our industry had grown significantly year on year (albeit, make no mistake, this is not a cheap show to be an exhibitor at)
  • This had clearly become an excellent way to reach the “next generation” of young musicians and industry workers in the (mainly) contemporary music arena

It was also interesting to note the following:

  • The diversity of the attendees was positively striking, especially in ethnicity terms
  • There were as many female attendees as males (possibly more)
  • Linkedin is seen as a more useful tool for the young and their profiling than you may imagine
  • The value of actual work experience (as opposed to pure academic experience) came out in many seminars
  • However, internships and apprenticeships that take advantage of the young are becoming even more unacceptable
  • Younger people often find “older people” in the industry (ie most of us!) quite a challenge to talk to
  • This may or may not be related to the real lack of experience that many in this generation face as a result of the digital communication lifestyle?
  • The digital world in relation to making, recording and distributing music is second nature to so many of the young attendees
  • The 50 Bournemouth of Modern Music students who attended found it of great interest as performers, songwriters and for those seeking technical roles