Versus Arthritis


Arthritis affects 10 million people in the UK, many of whom are musicians. Versus Arthritis are launching a bold, new nationwide campaign to show the true scale and impact of arthritis on people of all ages, all across the country. Here’s their story: 

We want to start a national conversation about arthritis to make it better understood and recognised as a priority. By doing so, we can empower people with arthritis to ask for help and get the support and treatment they deserve

Arthritis affects 10 million people in the UK. That’s as many as one in six of us. Yet people with arthritis don’t feel like they can show their pain or ask for help. That’s not ok. We are calling for urgent changes across society to help people with arthritis live better. We need your help to make it a reality. Declare yourself #VersusArthritis today.

Versus Arthritis would love to add your name to our Letter to Editor to show decision makers the widespread support for the changes we are demanding so people with arthritis can get the treatment, care and support they deserve.

“Dear Sir,   
Arthritis affects 10 million people in the UK. That’s one in six of us, half of whom live in pain every day. It impacts your ability to work, care for a family, move without pain, things that are fundamental to living. It’s making people of all ages feel isolated and unable to live the life they deserve.   
Too often it’s dismissed as just a bit of joint pain. But that’s simply not the case. Our new research reveals five years’ worth of quality life is stolen from every person with arthritis across their lifetime.

This is made worse by the fact that two thirds hide their condition because they worry they would be seen as “whinging”.   
As a society we can’t tolerate the trivialisation of arthritis any more.   
We need more people talking about arthritis more frequently and more loudly, so no one has to live alone with the pain, fatigue and isolation of the condition.   
We are calling on everyone to publicly say they will no longer tolerate the impact of arthritis by declaring themselves #VersusArthritis.  

Liam O’Toole, CEO at Versus Arthritis.”

Find out more information on how to support the campaign at the website: