Crowd Funding campaign for The Anatronics MegaFilter


In the late 70’s, Derek Dearden ran Survival Projects – a bespoke design service based in the Yes equipment warehouse in West London. He designed and built sound processing units for major rock performers, including Yes, ELP, Queen. AC/DC and Mike Oldfield. He also suppliedĀ  recording studios in London, Paris, New York, Montreal and Los Angeles, several leading independent sound engineers and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Now he returns to his roots with the MegaFilter – the first in a projected range of top-quality effects units.

See below for details and link to the campaign if you know of anyone that would like to be involved:

Add exquisite Analog Synth effects to Guitar, Bass or any other instrument

  • Controlled from any standard Expression Pedal
  • Variable pedal range on any combination of 4 different parameters
  • Dynamic (Envelope controlled) auto-wah
  • Oscillating (LFO controlled) auto-wah
  • Combinations of all three of the above, foot-switch selectable
  • Variable Dry/Wet mix
  • Variable Resonance
  • High-pass, low-pass and notch filter modes, as well as band-pass
  • Over 10,000 variations of pedal control
  • Thousands of unique effects in one box

.What sets the MegaFilter apart from existing Resonant Filter type effects?

Three factors:

  • The range of the Multi-dimensional control options.
  • The sonic characteristics of the unique core Filter circuit design.
  • The sheer quality of the audio signal chain.

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