Fender® introduces American Performer Series guitars and basses amid spike in live concert attendance


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced the release of its American Performer Series, a brand new electric guitar line and gateway into Fender’s Corona, Calif.-made electric guitar offerings. Previously called the American Special Series, American Performer marks the first refresh of guitars and basses at that price point in more than 10 years. Available now, the series will make its official debut at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, Calif., in January 2019.

Handcrafted in Corona, Calif., the American Performer Series elevates the standards of performance-grade instruments for artists, making delivery seamless on stage, so players can focus on their art and sharing that in its finest form. Featuring 98 SKUs, the American Performer Series brings the Jazzmaster, Mustang and Mustang Bass into the US-made line in this price range. After listening to direct feedback from artists, product developments focused on creating solutions for performers. New features include: Yosemite™ pickups officially introduced for this line; patent-pending DoubleTap™ humbucking pickups; ClassicGear™ tuning machines; special circuitry and enhanced electronics; a 70s style logo in silver on all models; an oversized 70s headstock on Stratocaster models, as well as five brand-new gloss colours and two satin finishes.

Since 1946, Fender has listened to artists’ feedback, a practice which continued with this new line. Today, demand for recorded and live music is at an all-time high (and growing) with 86 million people having attended a Live Nation Concert in 2017, up 21 percent over the previous.* In addition, based on a recent Fender study, guitar players are more diverse than ever, performing across a variety of venues – from on-stage at concerts to recording studios and even on social media. This new line takes into account both the boom in live musical performances and the demand for a roadworthy instrument that can handle any artist’s demands, no matter the arena.
*Source: Live Nation/Variety

“As the popular music and live performance landscape evolve, so do the needs of performers and that includes the guitars they rely on,” said Max Gutnik, Vice President, Fender Electric Guitars and Basses. “Fender was built from the ground up on artist feedback, and that philosophy has remained our guiding light for our continued innovation. The American Performer sets out to make every performance seamless by creating solutions for performers, so they can deliver at their best in the moment.”

The Performer Series blends traditional Fender design with new elements for modern tone and performance. Together, the updates deliver sonic versatility, tonal flexibility and ease of use for performers, helping them hone their tone across musical genres; they include:

Newly designed Yosemite™ pickups:

  • These alnico pickups deliver sonic versatility and tonalities to help create your perfect sound across every musical genre.

Patent-pending DoubleTap™ humbucking pickups:

  • An innovative product design that incorporates a coil-splitting system to smoothly toggle between humbucking and single-coil pickup modes for even tone.
  • Provides full-throated humbucking and expressive single coil tonalities without the volume loss typical in split-coil pickups, so you get all the tonal flexibility without compromise.

ClassicGear™ vintage-modern tuning machines:

  • Vintage-style 18:1 drop-in replacement tuners help performers get the best of both worlds with classic styling and a modern gear ratio, so the guitar gets in tune easily and accurately—and stays in tune.

Enhanced electronics:

  • A new push-pull pot provides different tonal features across models and the Greasebucket circuit cuts treble without loss of gain or clarity.
  • Allows you to add your neck pickup or tap your humbucking pickup with a quick push of the button and dial in your perfect tone on the fly.

Fender American Performer Series is already being used across multiple genres including rock, alternative, indie, R&B and more by top artists, such as: Punk-Indie artist, Fidlar; R&B artist, Tom Misch; Soul artist, Catious Clay, and Indie Rock band, La Luz. The new line will be available today December 4, 2018 at local dealers and on www.Fender.com The following models are offered in all-new gloss colours and Satin finishes, including: Arctic White, Aubergine, Honeyburst, Penny, Satin Surf Green, Satin Sonic Blue and Satin Lake Placid Blue, among others:

  • American Performer Stratocaster®
  • American Performer Stratocaster® HSS
  • American Performer Telecaster®
  • American Performer Telecaster® HUM
  • American Performer Mustang®
  • American Performer Jazzmaster®
  • American Performer Precision Bass®
  • American Performer Jazz Bass®
  • American Performer Mustang Bass®

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