– time to have a fresh look?


We have written a number of articles about in the USA over the last few years and thought it was a good time to update you (especially UK retailers):

The rapid success and growth of the platform is remarkable and after five years, 250,000 sellers have sold more than $1.0billion on the site!

Indeed, more than $600 million will be sold this year alone……

There are now more than 10 million monthly visitors to the site.

If the company was a stand-alone physical retailer, that would take it into the Top 3 in the USA.

All excellent stuff and it should be noted that the growth of companies, shops and punters using the site internationally is growing at an even faster rate!

We are aware of a number of UK retailers using the site and successfully selling their merchandise (at, of course, considerably lower rates than the other third-party platforms).

Have a look at the comments below from Jon at Hollywood Music:

“We’ve been selling on since 2015 and closed our eBay store within three months of starting with Reverb”.

“The site is continuously developing useful features including payment options for customers and pre-order items”.

“The editorial content on Reverb is great. Reviews, demos, interviews, news and history items are well-researched and interesting”.

“Using Reverb is simple and communication with customers is excellent. The guys at Reverb are always very helpful and understand the music biz!”

The other thing we keep generally hearing is that customers view the site and the shops they buy off as being integrated and not just a “faceless and uncaring” selling platform.

Many Reverb retailers see a transaction with a customer on Reverb as the start of a new relationship, rather than a “one-off” deal. And vice-versa.

Also, check out this interesting article we ran recently on the thoughts of Reverb Owner, David Kalt: