The closure of Interbike: why trade events work


The long-standing Cycling Industry Conference, Interbike, has sadly been cancelled.

We thought you might like to see the following opinion piece about the situation, the author (publisher of the industry’s leading trade magazine) makes some good points on why trade events work and why the industry may miss their annual US gathering. Very timely, considering our annual US trade gathering is happening next month!

Read ‘Interbike died an unnecessary death’ written by Marc Sani of Bicycle Retailer magazine.

Here’s a thought provoking excerpt from the article:

“Their reasoning, of course, was simple: We have to do what is best for our dealers and our bottom line. Sounds good. Sounds reasonable. But in a small industry — and the bicycle industry in the U.S. is indeed small — where several large companies hold sway over the fortunes of so many, their behavior was and is appalling. And that behavior continues as they force-feed dealers with ever more branded product, diluting the diversity essential to a healthy industry.

And there are countless dealers who should be alarmed by Interbike’s passing. But I doubt many are. They, too, apparently have forgotten, it seems, that Interbike in so many ways was their best friend in the marketplace.

Where else could dealers and staff go and attend dozens of technical seminars hosted in one location; attend seminars on management, finance and other topics. Or enjoy a veritable free-for-all testing bikes on a pile of rocks. It’s easy to quibble with the quality of these programs, but Interbike offered them to all comers. Who is going to do that now?

How many times did Interbike attempt to bring dealers together at conferences, to improve their position in a competitive market, only to have so many snub their effort”