Choosing handmade bowed instruments just got easier…


Barnes & Mullins announce the launch of the Hidersine Reserve Instrument Selector.

Designed to assist in the specialist string retailer in choosing items from Hidersine’s individual handmade instrument range, this exclusive new online feature offers a virtual side by side comparison of the aesthetic features of multiple ‘Reserve’ violins, violas and cellos.

“Hidersine Reserve instruments are one-off, handmade pieces that may share common specifications but will vary quite widely in wood grain, natural colouration and antique patinas,” explains Alex Mew, B&M’s marketing director. “Usually, discerning retailers who wish to benefit from the opportunities that Hidersine Reserve offer, have to wait until a B&M sales manager visits the store with a couple of examples from which they can choose. Not only does the retailer therefore only have a choice of one or two at a time, but it also makes it much harder to re-order, as they must wait for another in-person visit to choose a replacement instrument.”
“The new Online Selector,”
continues Mew, “offers each retailer the chance to browse a much greater range of instruments at once, and choose and order replacements at will, rather than having to wait.”

The Hidersine Reserve range is based upon a range of famous, historically significant instruments. So, if there are 6 pieces of the Montagnana ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Cello available, an interested retailer will be able to see all 6 side by side to compare exactly which of these instruments they would like to buy. Identified by serial number, the specific instrument can therefore be ordered online.

Once the instrument has been selected and ordered, the retailer will receive a link to download all the relevant images for that specific instrument for use on their own website listings.

Keen to stress the importance of this development, Bruce Perrin, B&M’s joint managing director and bowed instrument specialist adds, “We are very proud of the Hidersine Reserve instruments and the workshops from which they are sourced. Having spoken at length to many of our specialist bowed retail partners, they reiterated the importance of seeing the individual appearance of each handmade instrument before they would consider buying. I believe now that we have gone a long way to address this issue for our customers: detailed, consistently positioned photographs of each and every Reserve model are readily available to all.”

The Hidersine Reserve Selector tool is now active as part of the Barnes & Mullins online catalogue. To experience the selector yourself, login to your trade account at: and search ‘Hidersine Reserve’.