Creative United develop Lap Guitar tutorials with Tom Doughty


We have kept you up to date on the amazing story of Tom Doughty; the accomplished lap slide guitarist, singer and songwriter. Tom has gained support from so many industry organisations, including MIA Members Korg UK, Shure, JHS, our partners at Creative United and our industry charity, Music for All! 

These new tutorials developed by Creative United and Tom Doughty offer an introduction to playing Lap Guitar.

Creative United is part of a consortium with OHMIDrake MusicYouth Music and OpenUp Music, whose aim is to make music and musical instruments more widely available, particularly to disabled people for whom playing a conventional musical instrument may be difficult or impossible.

Specially created to accompany workshops on his tour of the UK’s 12 Spinal Injury Units in early 2019, these tutorials are for anyone with limited upper limb movement.

Introduction to the Lap Guitar

Tom gives an overview of the lap guitar and how to produce notes:

Tuning the Lap Guitar

Developing an ear for pitch, and different methods available to help you tune a lap guitar.

Equipment for the Lap Guitar

Tom talks about the tools and adaptations he uses to play the lap guitar, and produce different sounds.

Basics of Playing the Lap Guitar

Tom demonstrates technique; how to strum and pick melodies, produce chords and vibrato to achieve a blues sound.