D’Addario’s 2019 NAMM Show product highlights


D’Addario is thrilled to attend the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California featuring all of the latest products that are sure to excite the music community. Come and visit us at Booth #7002!


NS Micro Headstock Tuner
This new & improved tuner is an accurate, feature packed tuner in a form factor that is made small so only the player sees it. With a display that has a 360-degree rotation and with 90-degree screen orientation options, players can dial in the perfect viewing angle for their performance needs. Along with a bright, full color screen, the tuner virtually fits any headstock. This is a rolling change.

Power Base
The new Professional Tour-Grade Power Base is designed for the touring musician in constant transition between the stage and the road. The Power Base offers five standard space outlets and three transformer spaced outlets. Unlike most power strips that easily tip over, the Power Base features a low, wide footprint in a sturdy metal housing that remains anchored in place no matter what.

Strap Extensions
New for 2019, are three new strap extensions including a new Slim Garment Leather Strap, a Corduroy Strap and the Summer NAMM Best in Show winning Auto Lock Strap now available in Black Striped, Black Diamond, and Black & Grey Geometric.


Evans Drumheads is thrilled to introduce SoundOff Drumheads, a new line of products featuring a low volume set-up for your acoustic drums. Whether you’re looking for a low volume practice setup for your apartment or a silent drumhead to use with an electronic setup, Evans SoundOff Drumheads have you covered. These drumheads are made using a single-ply of black mesh material, dramatically reducing the volume of everyday drumming. They will be available for tom, snare, and bass applications in sizes 8-24”.

Dixson Bass Lift
Evans Drumheads is pleased to announce the exclusive worldwide distribution for Arti Dixson’s Bass Drum Lift. As an Evans branded product, the new Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift will be available to a global audience for the first time. This product will be the first addition to the Evans accessories line in a number of years. It is a simple yet effective tool for raising a bass drum off the floor, improving resonance and beater striking location. By lifting the drum off the floor with this product, and removing excessive clamping force on the hoop, the Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift allows the bass drum to resonate more naturally, producing a better tone. It is designed to work with bass drums ranging in 16 – 24” in size.


NYXL for .strandberg* guitars
D’Addario has launched a series of string sets designed for .strandberg* guitars. strandberg* is a popular Swedish guitar maker that utilizes a lot of interesting design characteristics not typically found on a guitar. NYXL .strandberg* string sets are optimized for the variable scale length of 7-string (25.5”-26.25)”and 8-string (26.5”-28”) .strandberg* guitars. The 8-string set includes a specialized heavy gauge 8th string with ball-end taper to fit the proprietary .strandberg* bridge.

Nyltech -6 and 8- Ukulele Strings
D’Addario is excited to offer their new Nyltech Ukulele strings from 6- and 8-string tenor ukuleles. Nyltech is known for its traditionally warm, gut-like tone, and D’Addario Nyltech strings deliver precise intonation and tuning stability not found in other ukulele strings.

Monel Mandolin Strings
D’Addario has launched a new addition to the mandolin offerings with the D’Addario Monel Mandolin Sets. Monel Mandolin sets, a classic nickel-based alloy that offers a balanced and natural tone that is popular among vintage enthusiasts and used by iconic players like Sam Bush. They are offered in loop-end construction for universal fit, featuring consistent, high-quality strings that have an unprecedented tone and tuning stability.

Bajo Quinto & Bajo Sexto
The new stainless-steel string sets for Bajo Quinto and Bajo Sexto duplicate the gauges we currently offer in Phosphor Bronze. These new string sets feature stainless steel wrap wire which provides a magnetic response for instruments that have electromagnetic pickups for amplification. These strings also deliver a clear, bright tone and superior consistency and quality that D’Addario is known for.


Shira Kashi Oak Select Balance
Promark Drumsticks is excited to expand its Shira Kashi Oak drumstick line to include our popular Select Balance acorn tip models. Though our classic models have dominated this category for many years, we have received an overwhelming number of requests to add Select Balance models to the line, and now, we’re happy to announce that they will be available to ship in January 2019. The new Shira Kashi Oak Select Balance sticks will be available in 5A, 5B, and 7A in both Forward and Rebound models.

Select Balance Maple
Promark Drumsticks is pleased to announce the launch of new maple drumsticks as part of their Select Balance line. Compared with hickory, maple is a softer and lighter wood, allowing for a larger diameter drumstick without the added weight. As maple is a softer wood, it is also very comfortable in the hand, and will not transmit vibrations as easily as denser woods like hickory and oak. These new models will feature the Rebound design of our Select Balance models – a long, 3” taper for optimized finesse and agility, but with the addition of a round tip for a bright, full tone that is articulate on drums and cymbals. Rebound 7A, 5A, 55A AND 5B models are available in both standard length (16”) and long versions (16 ½”).

Tim Fairbanks & Tim Jackson FireGrain Marching Snare & Tenor Sticks
Because of the immediate success, FireGrain technology has been introduced into the marching percussion world with the Tim Fairbanks Marching Snare Stick and Tim Jackson Marching Tenor Stick.

ActiveGrip Clear
By popular demand, Promark is pleased to announce the expansion of our popular ActiveGrip line to include a Classic2B model as well as a clear finish option for our existing product line up. The technology behind the heat-activated coating makes the ActiveGrip stick tackier as the player’s hands sweat and their body temperature rises. Unlike other grip alternatives on the market, ActiveGrip doesn’t tear up players hands or cause restrictions to range of movement or technique.


Intended for string players of all levels and ages, Ascenté (pronounced “ah-SEN-tay”) strings have been specifically designed to help players advance their craft with elegance and consistency. Ascenté strings have solid orange silking at the ball end, and now accommodate violin sizes 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, in addition to existing sizes 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2. Ascenté viola strings have launched with a full line, including sizes for viola body lengths 16+”, 15-16″, 14-15″, 13-14″, and 12-13″. This is the first 12″ viola string produced by D’Addario Orchestral, accommodating a smaller range of entry-level violas than ever before.


Reserve Evolution Reeds
D’Addario Woodwinds is excited to announce the newest category within product under the Reserve Line, Reserve Evolution. The Reserve Evolution Bb Clarinet Reeds are the thickest blank reed under the Reserve line that offers a roundness of sound, a heavy spine for increased projection, a thicker tip for enhanced articulation and greater warmth and flexibility. Like all D’Addario Reeds, the Evolution Reeds are crafted using a groundbreaking digital vamping process, for ultimate quality control, precision, and reed-to-reed consistency.

Reserve Evolution Mouthpieces
D’Addario Woodwinds is excited to announce the newest category within product under the Reserve Line, Reserve Evolution. The Reserve Evolution Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece delivers a warm and refined tone, featuring quick response and ease of articulation. The mouthpiece is medium-long facing for greater flexibility, features an optimized beak shape for added comfort, a revolutionary ramp and bore taper geometry for a fuller, more centered tone and altered baffle for added projection and articulation nuance.

Signature Series
D’Addario Woodwinds is thrilled to introduce new packaging for the “Signature Series,” a homage to legacy brands Mitchell Lurie, Frederick L. Hemke and La Voz Reeds. The Hemke Reed has an elegant tone and quick response, which is favored by many classical and jazz musicians. The Mitchell Lurie Reed has a warmth tone and clarity of sound. This unfiled reed has a thinner tip and thicker spine, providing added resistance needed by advancing players without sacrificing easy response. The La Voz Reeds have a powerful tone and flexibility, which makes it a standard for discerning jazz musicians.