Fender’s Winter NAMM Show product news


MIA Member Fender Musical Instruments Corporation have announced a number of new releases at Winter NAMM 2019. Here you can learn about each new, exciting product..

Fender Unveils the American Acoustasonic Telecaster

Hybrid Acoustic/Electric Telecaster® Transforms Live Performance Possibilities with Ten Guitars in One

Fender have unveiled the first in a new generation of American-made acoustic guitars – available for purchase beginning this week at dealers and on Fender.com. Dubbed the American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster, this powerful guitar embodies the spirit of purposeful innovation that Fender was built on. From acoustic shape-shifting to bold electric tones, the Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar is acoustic, electric and everything in between – unlocking diverse sonic expression from the studio to the stage. Handcrafted in Corona, California, at the same factory where Fender’s iconic electric instruments are made, the Acoustasonic Telecaster represents the next era in Fender craftsmanship and innovation – designed for fearless artists who want an inspiring instrument with a diverse set of sounds and Fender’s signature feel.

Here’s the official launch video:

Fender Custom Shop takes innovation and creativity to new heights, debuts all-new collections at Winter NAMM 2019 

Fender Custom Shop Kicks Off 2019 with Annual and Prestige Collections, Unique Masterbuilt Creations and Artist Signature SRV Stratocaster®  

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has announced the introduction of its Annual and Prestige collections, as well as the addition of the long-time Artist Signature series Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster and Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Stratocaster to the Fender Custom Shop lineup – all debuting at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, Calif.

Each year, an Annual Collection of models are conceived and created in the Fender Custom Shop to showcase the latest innovations and developments—everything from pickup design, wiring and finish processes, to wood combinations and more. “The Annual Collections give our Master Builders and Fender Custom Shop Teambuilt craftspeople a chance to experiment with new ideas,” said Mike Lewis, VP of Product Development at Fender Custom Shop. “There’s a reason everyone in the guitar world calls Fender Custom Shop ‘The Dream Factory.’ We create guitars players never thought were possible, and continue to step up our game, surprising them with something new each year.”

Annual Teambuilt collections making their debut at Winter NAMM are the Limited Edition, Time Machine, Postmodern and Vintage Custom; in its second year, the Vintage Custom Series celebrates beloved Fender classics and unearths truly unique rarities, such as the flat-lam slab maple cap fingerboard on the Vintage Custom `62 Strat®. Joining the Teambuilt collections is Masterbuilt Custom, which features Masterbuilt designs – all made-to-order for dealers.

In addition to the annual collections, the Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster and Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Stratocaster both make their way into the Fender Custom Shop Artist Signature series lineup after a long run in Fender’s production line. Beginning 2019, both models will be available at Authorized Custom Shop Dealers. See below for full descriptions.

Also debuting at Winter NAMM 2019 is the 2019 Prestige Collection, featuring one-of-a-kind Masterbuilt guitars and basses from the Custom Shop’s most-esteemed Master Builders.

Finally, Fender will also debut three unique amplifiers and respective sets:

  •  One of A Kind Walnut Double Champ Amplifier 120V
  • `64 Deluxe Tiki
  • `64 Deluxe Kraken – £5,849.00
Fender celebrates Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary, revealing first photos of four, highly-anticipated Jimmy Page artist signature Telecaster® Models  

Specs Revealed for Fender Custom Shop “Mirror” and “Dragon®” Models Available March 2019, Production Models Due Spring/Summer 2019

After announcing a highly-anticipated collaboration with one of rock’s most legendary guitar players – Jimmy Page – Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today released photos and design features revealing the four Artist Signature guitars modeled after Page’s famous 1959 Fender® Telecaster. The design reveal arrives in tandem with the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin I (January 12, 1969), on which Page played his famed “Dragon” Telecaster, bringing to life some of rock’s most iconic anthems. Two models will be produced in the Fender Custom Shop – dubbed the “Limited Edition Jimmy Page Telecaster Set”; the set will be available at select authorized showcase dealers globally, beginning March 2019. Additionally, two models will be made on Fender’s production lines, and released in Spring/Summer 2019 – giving fans and collectors the chance to own a piece of history.

Few guitars are as important to the history of music culture as the Telecaster Jimmy Page used to create the iconic, genre-defining riffs of Led Zeppelin and, in its earlier days, music in The Yardbirds. Originally received as a gift from guitarist Jeff Beck, he used this 1959 Telecaster to unleash his larger-than-life riffage and fierce soloing upon the world. In February 1967, to give a kinetic element, he added eight round mirrors to the body of the guitar. By mid-1967 he decided to strip the instrument down to bare wood and drawing on his art school training, repaint it himself with what became the iconic “Dragon” design. Page partially painted over the stripped 1959 Telecaster with darts and curls of green, orange, yellow, blue and red in a pattern that formed something of a swirling, psychedelic dragon. It was featured on the Anderson Theatre show “Yardbirds 68.”

“The story of the instrument is the whole journey of it – from Jeff having it, to passing it on to me with such good spirit,” Jimmy Page said. “It’s a lot of love in that gesture and the journey of it through The Yardbirds and how it was used on the first Led Zeppelin album…the journey all the way through here today. Now, it’s been restored back to its true beauty and we’ve actually been able to sort of clone it.”

Among the four Artist Signature models will be two highly collectible, limited edition Fender Custom Shop versions masterbuilt by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder veteran Paul Waller – one with mirrors and the other with the painted dragon. With each priced at £23,259, the set will be available for local authorized showcase dealers to purchase and then sell together or separately to consumers. Beginning March 2019, only 50 units of each Fender Custom Shop model will be made available; they include Page’s personal touches, such as a handwritten signature on the headstock of the mirror model, as well as hand-painted flourishes on the guitar body’s dragon artwork and personally-signed Certificates of Authenticity for both models.

Here is the origin story video highlighting the making-of the Fender Custom Shop guitar models:

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