Primary school rock band release single about mental health pressures 


A group of children who met at a rock band camp have released a single about the pressures of school and growing up. The track is now available to stream all over the world.

The children, aged between 10 and 13, met at a holiday camp run by MIA member Rocksteady Music School. It’s the first time a band formed at Rocksteady has released a single.

The group are from a diverse range of backgrounds, two members of the band are from Syria and one member is from a different school to the rest. They didn’t know each other before they met at camp but became close friends in one week through forming a band and playing together.

One of the drummers, Bobby, was feeling stressed about his upcoming SATs exams and wrote the beginning of a song about his feelings while at the camp.

The song, ‘Pressure’ talks about the pressure that young children are under as they grow up. The lyrics compare growing up to being ‘on stage and about to perform’ and talk about how the children have ‘no choice but to conform’.

Band Leader Luke, who worked with the group says: “The song was written at the camp and initially performed as part of the live concert at the end of the week. We were all so blown away by the passion and enthusiasm the band showed that my colleague Alice and I worked with the band to further fill out the sound.” 

The other members of the band, the teachers at Weyfield School, Guildford, and the band leaders all worked together one day a week after school to write a second verse for the song, as well as additional music.

They recorded the single at Lark Studios in Guildford, Surrey.

CEO of Rocksteady, Scott Monks says:

“Music is key to improving mental health, we know playing in a band improves wellbeing, emotional health and confidence too. By cutting this track they have both highlighted a problem and come up with part of the solution. I am very happy that they can now add ‘internationally published artist’ to their list of achievements!” 

The single is available on a variety of streaming services around the world, including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify – you can listen here or search ‘The Blanks – pressure’

The band have already played live twice, once at the holiday camp, and performing the single at the Boileroom in Guildford in July this year.

The Blanks are Bobby, Toby, Alaa, Mohamed, Daniel and Ben. At the time of recording they attended Weyfield School in Guildford and Hermitage School in Woking.

Rocksteady is Europe’s largest rock school, delivering band lessons to thousands of children across the UK every week and providing free music experiences to around 200,000 youngsters every year.