Red Chilli Audio are proud to announce an amazing tie-in with Beer 52


As part of a brand new promotion for those old enough (you must be over 18 to participate as it involves alcohol!) Red Chilli Audio have tied in with Beer 52, the UK’s number one craft beer club,to give away one months free subscription (8 craft beers, a magazine and a snack) to everyone that purchases one of our fantastic range of Snail and Isuzi Ukuleles during the first quarter of 2019.

There will be a special gift card in the box or presented by the participating retailer with a unique code to entitle you to the promotion. It’s a match made in heaven Beer and Music, what a combination and a perfect time of year to either take up a wonderful instrument or give as a gift and sit back, relax and enjoy with a stunning craft beer or two or three or four or eight – Steady!

  • Please note that customers will only have to pay £2.95 P&P, be a new customer to Beer52 and that after the first case, if they don’t want to continue as a member of Beer52, they are free to cancel  by letting Beer52 know.

For Further information on how to get involved call:

Red Chilli Audio 0113 457 5222 or email

Further information beer 52 can be found here:

Further information on Red Chilli Audio and all their products can also be found here: